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Every year I run a Super Bowl Squares Pool. I try to have this up and running sometime in mid December so that all the squares get sold. Each square cost $25.00 X 100 squares = $2500.00. All money taken in is paid out as prize money. There are different number for each quarter and touching squares are paid maximizing the number of winners.

If you are interested in joining my Super Bowl Squares pool, please follow the steps outlined below.

If you played in my Super Bowl Squares Pool in previous years you are already registered. Just click on the link in step 1 and it will take to you my Super Bowl Squares Pool. It will issue you a warning message. Just click on your user name and select your squares.

For new players follow all the steps below.

  1) Click on the image below to be taken to my Super Bowl Squares Pool. Follow the instructions to pick your squares or send me an email and I will pick them for you.

  2) If you have played in my SUPER BOWL SQUARES POOL in the past you should NOT need to register unless you want to change your info. Just click on the "VIEW CURRENT GRID" button. If you forgot your userid and password follow the online help.
  3) If you are new and have not played in my SUPER BOWL SQUARES pool you will need to register as a USER. Click on "JOIN A POOL" on the top menu bar. Enter the following information to join my Superbowl Squares Pool.
    A) In the Pool ID box, enter the number 20431.
    B) In the Pool Password box, enter:
'justwinbaby' (all lower case without the single quotes).
    C) Then click on the SUBMIT button.
    D) Select the 'I would like to create a NEW username and password' radio button.
    E) Step 1: Your Account Information (used for logging in)

Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password.
    F) Step 2: Your Entry Information (used to represent you in the pool)

Enter YOUR DISPLAY NAME (I would use the USERNAME you entered in step 1 to avoid confusion).
    G) Check the 'I have read, understand, and agree to RunYourPool.com's terms of service agreement.' check box.
    H) Click on the 'JOIN POOL' green button
    I) This should take you to the SQUARES GRID. Just CLICK ON a square and it will be reserved for you.
  4) Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.
  5) It's that easy. If you have any questions send me an email danno50ny@gmail.com.
So here is the Skinney on how the Super Bowl Squares pool works:
   Each square costs $25.00 and you can buy as many squares as you want.
  There will be different numbers for each quarter. The numbers will be randomly generated by the software after all squares have been sold.
  Payouts will be the same as in previous years. See the payout grid below for more details.
  If you want me to pick your squares; E-Mail me the square #’s you want and if they are still available I will put your name in it. If they are not available I will pick a square as close by as possible. My E-Mail address is danno50ny@gmail.com.
  Squares are 1st come 1st served.
  Please visit the "How To Pay" page for payment options.
  Clarification if a square on a corner or outside edge were to win.

If square (100) were to win 1st, Half time or 3rd quarter square (90) would win, square (99) would win, square (91) would win and square (10) would win.

If square (100) were to win Final Score square (89) would win, square (81) would win, square (9) would win and square (1) would win

If square (1) were to win Final Score square (12) would win, square (20) would win, square (92) would win and square (100) would win.
I utilize a website called "Run Your Pool". They are the only ones that I have found that allow you to pick different numbers for each quarter. It's easy and not very expensive so if you want you can create your own SQUARES pool or there are many other options. Go to the website listed below.