Week 18 picks have been posted... Week 18 Still Alive Standings have been posted... Week 18 Winners have been determined and the website has been updated..... All week 18 picks must be submitted by 1:00 PM ET Sunday 01/07.....

Second Half Winners have been determined and the website has been updated................ Super Bowl Squares Pool Is Open For Business...


How long has this football pool been around?


Basically how does the pool work?


How much does it cost to play?


Who can play?


How do I sign up to play?


Why do I need to sign-up every year? 


How and who do I pay?


How do I submit my picks?


If I win how do I get paid?


What if there is a dispute?

This football pool started out as strictly an office pool back in the early 1980's at a bank in Rochester, NY. It has been an Internet Web Based Football Pool since 1998 and growing every year.


You must pick all games played each week straight up (no point spreads).


You get 1 point for each game you predicted the correct winner for.


Each week the top 3 players win prize money (see $ Breakdown Page).


All points won weekly are accumulated and tabulated for the seasonal prize money (1st and 2nd half). The top 3 places plus 2 other categories cash in each half (see the $ Breakdown Page).

The cost to play is $70.00 for the entire season. Of that $35 goes towards the weekly prize money and the remainder $35 (less $200 for admin costs) goes towards the seasonal prize money.  Admin costs include the cost of the NFL Pool Manager Software and Webhosting. It does not include my personal time to run the pool. I donate my time because I love to do this. It's my passion.

Basically anybody who has $70.00 can play. I don't advertise, it is strictly by word of mouth. I only want people who I know or someone in the pool knows the person and I want only honest paying players. I'm honest and I expect everyone who joins to be honest and pay. I'm not a collection agency and don't have the time nor the desire to hassle people over money. This is supposed to be for fun for everyone including me.

Please sign up using the Google Entry Form and supply me with as much information as possible. If you win I need to know how to get in touch with you so I can send you your winnings.  I need you to re-signup every year even if you have played before. It makes it easier to track the pool players.

I need to maintain an accurate spreadsheet with everyone's legal name, address, phone number and email address so that I know who to pay and where to send the money.

From my expierence people move and change there name, address or email address. It becomes a nightmare if I don't have accurate information about my pool players. So please take 5 minutes and complete the "ENTRY FORM".

Please check out the "HOW TO PAY" page for more information on how to pay and where to send your check.

Please use the Internet Pick Sheets if at all possible. All 18 weeks are loaded before the season starts. You can submit picks for any week you want in advance if you are planning to be on vacation. If you can't use the Internet pick sheets you can email your picks to me at danno50ny@gmail.com or textl them to my cell phone number (919) 491-2595. I prefer an email if you can't use the Internet Pick Sheet.

This is where completing the SIGN-UP form comes into play. I need your current mailing address in order to send you your winnings.

After all games have been played each week I will post the weekly winners and updated season-to-date results on the website. Before I pay the weekly winners I always check to see if you have already paid for the season. If you haven't paid I will withhold whatever you still owe before I cut a check. I usually will cut a check within a day or two and send it to the address you gave me when you registered.

For the 1st and 2nd half season winners I usually wait a few days after I post the results for any one to challenge my calculations. After a few days I will cut a check and send it to the address you gave me when you registered. That is why it is important to make sure I have your up-to-date information when it changes.

First and foremost... Read the Rules...

I use the NFL Pool Manager software to track the WEEKLY standings. I use a home grown ACCESS database to track the SEASON-TO-DATE standings, so things should be accurate. I post everybody's picks each week ASAP after the deadline time (please don't ask me to accept your picks after the games have started). You should verify your picks to insure they are accurate. You will be presented with a webpage confirming what you submitted. You should ALWAYS save this incase of a dispute. If you can prove you submitted your picks with this confirmation page I will accept them; otherwise you might be out of luck.  If you find an error notify me ASAP. If you have any kind of dispute, please notify me ASAP. I will investigate and make a determination. My word is final, but rest assured I am fair.