Week 18 picks have been posted... Week 18 Still Alive Standings have been posted... Week 18 Winners have been determined and the website has been updated... All week 18 picks must be submitted by 1:00 PM ET Sunday 1/9...


All players are REQUIRED to complete the entry form each year (yes even long time veterans). I need this information to track my players so I have an accurate head count. This information is also needed to disburse money to those who win. If I don't have your information I can't send you your winnings.

The dead line to signup for the 2021 season is Thursday September 9th by 8:30pm ET. Late entries will be excepted, but any games already played will count as a loss.

Don't forget to click on the submit button at the bottom of the form to post your information.

Go to the HOW TO PAY page for information on how to pay. You can pay via Venmo (prefered), PayPal, Check or Money order.