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PBechtold RetiredMike TonyD
$106.00 $63.60 $42.40

WEEK 01 Tom Richards Donna Kluge Dave Cowen / Wit
WEEK 02 More Cowbell ACEBD Jason Gersonia
WEEK 03 More Cowbell Joe Gersonia The Noob's
WEEK 04 Nighthawk Jerry Numbers Ira Yourman
WEEK 05 Bob The Builder Danno7856 Firestick
WEEK 06 Tom Richards Bearguy13 Donna Kluge
WEEK 07 Anthonys1wife Al Davis's Ghost paul gersonia
WEEK 08 johnnybigballs Dave Cowen
Tie for 2nd
WEEK 09 Poppa Kreuts APEX MAN Hecdiggy
Scott C
WEEK 10 Anthonys1wife RetiredMike Okiejoe
WEEK 11 Babybull
Jeannine Frase
Tie for 1st Pinotggio
WEEK 12 Richard Ferris Dr Vee
Tie for 2nd
WEEK 13 Kev's Crusaders Tom Mr. Cookie
WEEK 14 Tom Richards PapaJim Marc Sklar
WEEK 15 Bacon Kreuts Ira Yourman Shawn Stanton
WEEK 16 Matt Davis Nighthawk Ira Yourman
WEEK 17 PBechtold RetiredMike TonyD