Week 06 picks have been posted... Week 06 Still Alive Standings have been posted... Week 05 Winners have been determined and the website has been updated... Week 06 has a game from London starting at 9:30 AM ET... All week 06 picks must be submitted by 1:00 PM ET Sunday 10/17...

Week 06 picks posted about 11:15 PT... I was able to take a break and got the week 06 picks posted...


The "BROKEN HEART AWARD"  is intended to reward players who consitentently pick well each week, but fall short in the weekly tie-breaker.

To be eligible forthe "BROKEN HEART AWARD" you need to be listed in the weekly STILL ALIVE report with the posibillity of winning 1st place if you correctly pick the Monday Night winner and are closest to the tie-breaker score. If your name is listed with ** next to it, sorry you are not elligible that week.

If you win a weekly you are automatically eliminated from the "BROKEN HEART AWARD".

I will track the weekly Still Alive report each week and add those elligible to the table below. Those players highlighted in ORANGE means that you have won a weekly which automatically eliminates you from the "BROKEN HEART AWARD".

If there is a tie for the "BROKEN HEART AWARD" after the end of each half of the season. The player with the best W/L percentage for that half of the season will be awarded the "BROKEN HEART AWARD" for that half season.

NAME 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 TOTAL
Anthonyswife X                 1
Al Gallicchio X                 1
Danno7856 X                 1
Weston1! X                 1
MRL#23 X                 1
Bearguy13          X         1
Gary Sirianni         X         1